Discord Channel


I believe this is the faster way to get in touch with me.

It has a general chat and a support chat.
Please ONLY @ me in the support channel if you got problems with the SERVER CONNECTIONS LOST or NO SERVERS TO CONNECT TO.

And if you got questions about the game.

I will most likely not lurk arround in the rooms but i have the app installed onto my phone so i can get back to you asap.

And i will try to be on there every now and then.

For now theres no voicechat, sorry.

3 comments Authorin: Tigg Wed Apr 18, 2018 12:05 am

Small Default Update

Default will get its spring look back, please refrain calm if your game stops working or tells you to update the game.

You can either run the updater to get the game back up working, or if that doesnt work for you (it sometimes tells you its outdated or that there is an update in the process) you can download the new installer in the download section.

Please keep in mind, that everytime you have to use the installer, you are in the need to fully deinstall your previous game (except for the custom maps you maybe downloadet or have made).

I am sorry that i cant provide any bigger update, but i hope default will be a nice place to hang out again.

Write comment now Authorin: Tigg Wed Mar 21, 2018 4:19 pm

Update Delay

I am sorry but the update will take a while since i suffer from a huge depression overtake and currently no medical help is given.

Plus my job situation is not stable anymore and i really run low on money and cant afford the code stuff that i planned to buy for the game.

I really try to do things whenever i can, but right now the delay is for an unknown time.

Wish me luck on everything so i can go back to do things i love doing and not sink into stuff that only is there to keep me distracted x,,x.

2 comments Authorin: Tigg Sun Feb 18, 2018 10:15 pm

Next update SPOILER

What could that next update be based on...?


It may take some weeks until that update is done, but i cant really wait to throw hints at you all :D

Write comment now Authorin: Tigg Sun Jan 07, 2018 8:13 pm

Donate to the game / Spende für den erhalt des Spieles

Donationlink/Spendenlink: http://paypal.me/TiggDarkfury
Only possible with PayPal/Nur möglich mit PayPal.

You can now donate to the game if you want.
Everything will be used to keep up the game, buying addons like models, new codes and other costs i have to cover.
Better Updates will be possible with this. Untill now, for example, i payd coders to do work for the game. However its getting pricey and i cant cover all that by myself.

So if you want to help out making the game greater, better, nicer.... Thats the way you can support it.

Of course there will be still updates, even without any donations. But they will be small and take a long time since i will have to save up my money to be able to buy them myself.

____ Deutsch ____

Es ist ab jetzt möglich das Spiel finanziell durch Spenden zu unterstützen.
Jede Spende wird dazu genutzt das Spiel am laufen zu halten, zB.neue Modelle zu kaufen, Quellcode-Erweiterungen und für diverse andere Kosten die gedeckt werden müssen.
Mit dieser Unterstützung sind bessere Updates möglich.
Bis jetzt habe ich zum Beispiel dafür gezahlt dass für das Spiel neue Zeilen Codes geschrieben wurden. Auf dauer geht aber alles in allem ganz schön ins Geld und ich kann das nicht alles alleine tragen.

Also gibt es jetzt die Möglichkeit das Spiel besser, größer und schöner zu machen! Auf diese Weise kann man das Spiel nun direkt unterstützen, wenn man möchte.

Auch ohne Spenden wird es weiter normal Updates geben, jedoch nur begrenzt und sehr langsam, da ich halt selbst auch erst sparen muss um neue Dinge dazukaufen zu können.

Write comment now Authorin: Tigg Sun Dec 24, 2017 12:35 pm

Christmas Update

Happy christmas!

Default was now turned into a snowy place with presents, christmas trees and fitting music, have fun!

The update will last untill End of December, maybe some days more.

For New years i will take the christmas trees and presents down again, default will stay snowy untill Spring starts :)

I try to keep Default from now on themed like Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Little adjustments inbeteween like Easter, Halloween and Christmas might appear then too.

Now i wish you a great time, happy holidays and merry christmas.


Write comment now Authorin: Tigg Tue Dec 12, 2017 8:51 pm

Update out. Have fun being a RAPTOR!


DO NOT INSTALL THE GAME TO C://Programs!! IF YOU DO, YOU HAVE TO RUN THE GAME AS ADMIN ON YOUR PC. (Simply rightclick your gameicon and choose "run as admin" otherwise you get the error "cant write settings2 blahblah".)
Easiest is to install the game to any other device than C or just on the desktop.

Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/km63vjzqfiy93e..._Setup.exe?dl=0

Possible issues:

When installing the game or running it, your antivirus software might hiccup, mine does it too, but there are no issues with the game. That could also happen with the updater, since these softwares will create connections to servers.

Animations hiccup after creating a new character! - Please restart the game, the animations should play better after that.

Items not fitting the raptor model at all! - Cant be fixed, they need very own items, but there are no items for them yet!.

Game crashing with the info "cant find Body.mesh"! - Please sent me a PM with your game login, i might have forgotten to change your files using the updated body!

Missing textures! - Please tell me in which map!

Missing meshes! - Please tell me which map you wanted to go and what mesh is missing!

Character meshes deforming weirdly! - On the feline model some tails are messy but i cant seem to fix that. Will probably have to redo them! If you come along any other issues regarding tufts, manes or wings, tell me!

When roaring, the bottom jaw of the lion model will pop through the chin! - Yeah, i amnot sure what causes that, in blender its not doing that :(

Raptors have no wings yet!

Some markings on both models are not ready/done yet, please be patient!

Presets not supported yet, therefore i couldnt insert any yet, sorry!

If you come along any other issues, please use the support forum to report any issues or bugs. Always provide screenshots if possible, so i can get to fixing that asap. Thanks for your help!

Write comment now Authorin: Tigg Mon Nov 13, 2017 8:09 pm

Update video, help wanted and new info.

I am looking for someone who will be a marking maker for the raptor model in the future.
Due to my limited time i cant create much new markings. The startmarkings will be limited to 10, as i hope thats enough to choose from in the beginning.
New updates then will include these new markings made by sed markingartist.
Markingartists will not become admins or moderators but get the special rank for being a markingartist. That job would start after the raptor is released.

Requirements: experience with using UV-layouts for creating those markings. I need art examples, preferably from other games like FH or any other IT server. Marking examples or presets do work for me.

The update will probably take untill december, i work as fast as i can mannage but also wait for the code-part to be done (which someone else is doing for me).

So for now have a little video update:

Write comment now Authorin: Tigg Sun Nov 05, 2017 10:37 pm

Update info of 26th of october

I am close to finish things on the raptor BUT i really need your guys help!
Please tell me what markings you want to have on those beasts and i will make them available!
Right now i only have 7 markingsets and i fear thats pretty low and id like to offer a better range of marking!

Tell me any suggestions, link me pictures, anything helps!

Also, im waiting fir a coder to get some stuff done, after that the game is ready to be released!

4 comments Authorin: Tigg Thu Oct 26, 2017 10:34 pm

Livestreamlink http://original.livestream.com/tigg83 READ INFO IN THIS POST

Heres the link to the livestream:


2 comments Authorin: Tigg Sat Oct 14, 2017 9:55 am

Stream? Anyone interested? - See the new playermodel!

Hello and sorry for the huge delay :(

As i encountered massive health issues, i wasnt able to get access to my computer, only on mobile access, and that ment i was not able to work on anything.

So, since i still have lots work to do, would anyone be interested in joining a livestream event?
On saturday evening european time?

I would offer the stream on saturday at 2PM my time, which would be an average time of 12am in the US, +/- some hours, depending on where you are in the US.

My Timezone is: CEST (UTC +2)

You can calculate the exact time the stream would start for you here:

Spoiler of the new playermodel!

Write comment now Authorin: Tigg Wed Oct 11, 2017 10:19 pm

Upcomming UPDATE Spoiler ;)

My progress of the animations list that is already done/needs to be done for the new player model.

Stay tuned. Not gonna tell anyone what the new model will be. Wait for the update.
But you can leave guesses thou.. hehe.

1 comment Authorin: Tigg Tue Sep 19, 2017 7:45 pm

Ogre error "Ghostfire.particle"

Please locate your game folder called "Tiggs IT" and open it.
Open the folder media.
Open the folder particles.
Look for the file ghostfire.particle and delete it.
ONLY THE .particle FILE, NOT THE .material OR .png FILE!

If this doesnt do it for you, deinstall the game, download the new game-installer file and install it again. That should fix it.

Write comment now Authorin: Tigg Wed Aug 16, 2017 8:43 pm

Update / Aktualisierung

The game got an update.
New charactercreatormap-Background.
Default now spawns some little different items (not all, just some).
Default got critters, limited amount. 3 kind of Snakes.
Bubble Items are back.
Unihorn Items are in along with the woodcrowns.
Placement of the Sabers Item got fixed.
Some Portals got fixed.
Some missing Textures were fixed.
New startup music added.
Accounts no longer require activation by me.
Critter droprate got increased.
Head14 got replaced.

More to come in the next update.

1 comment Authorin: Tigg Tue Aug 15, 2017 12:22 am

Currently fixing Bugs, maps, and stuff

I am currently fiddling with the source code for a new character creator map look, fixing map bugs like missing textures or portals.
And as a secret hint: i am getting a new player model meshed and rigged by now. animations follow after that. And after this is done, source code fiddling.

I will not tell you what the new playermodel will be ;)

Write comment now Authorin: Tigg Sun Aug 13, 2017 9:41 pm
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