Update out. Have fun being a RAPTOR!


DO NOT INSTALL THE GAME TO C://Programs!! IF YOU DO, YOU HAVE TO RUN THE GAME AS ADMIN ON YOUR PC. (Simply rightclick your gameicon and choose "run as admin" otherwise you get the error "cant write settings2 blahblah".)
Easiest is to install the game to any other device than C or just on the desktop.

Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/km63vjzqfiy93e..._Setup.exe?dl=0

Possible issues:

When installing the game or running it, your antivirus software might hiccup, mine does it too, but there are no issues with the game. That could also happen with the updater, since these softwares will create connections to servers.

Animations hiccup after creating a new character! - Please restart the game, the animations should play better after that.

Items not fitting the raptor model at all! - Cant be fixed, they need very own items, but there are no items for them yet!.

Game crashing with the info "cant find Body.mesh"! - Please sent me a PM with your game login, i might have forgotten to change your files using the updated body!

Missing textures! - Please tell me in which map!

Missing meshes! - Please tell me which map you wanted to go and what mesh is missing!

Character meshes deforming weirdly! - On the feline model some tails are messy but i cant seem to fix that. Will probably have to redo them! If you come along any other issues regarding tufts, manes or wings, tell me!

When roaring, the bottom jaw of the lion model will pop through the chin! - Yeah, i amnot sure what causes that, in blender its not doing that :(

Raptors have no wings yet!

Some markings on both models are not ready/done yet, please be patient!

Presets not supported yet, therefore i couldnt insert any yet, sorry!

If you come along any other issues, please use the support forum to report any issues or bugs. Always provide screenshots if possible, so i can get to fixing that asap. Thanks for your help!

Update video, help wanted and new info.Christmas Update

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