Update video, help wanted and new info.

I am looking for someone who will be a marking maker for the raptor model in the future.
Due to my limited time i cant create much new markings. The startmarkings will be limited to 10, as i hope thats enough to choose from in the beginning.
New updates then will include these new markings made by sed markingartist.
Markingartists will not become admins or moderators but get the special rank for being a markingartist. That job would start after the raptor is released.

Requirements: experience with using UV-layouts for creating those markings. I need art examples, preferably from other games like FH or any other IT server. Marking examples or presets do work for me.

The update will probably take untill december, i work as fast as i can mannage but also wait for the code-part to be done (which someone else is doing for me).

So for now have a little video update:

Update info of 26th of octoberUpdate out. Have fun being a RAPTOR!

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